If It Bleeds: The Unauthorized Chronology of the Alien/Predator Universe

Author: Jean-François Boivin

To be published in 2015 or 2016

Hasslein Books

"In space, no one can hear you scream." "Nothing like it has ever been on Earth before." These taglines introduced us to Alien and Predator, two of the most popular sci-fi/horror franchises of all time. In 1989, Dark Horse Comics brought these terrifying creatures together, weaving a complex tapestry that has inextricably linked the two universes, even on film. Explore the Alien/Predator chronology, and find out why the scariest things sometimes come from within.

Stay tuned for updates about this project, which is currently in production. In the meantime, author Jean-François Boivin answers four brief questions about his work, and about his love for the Alien/Predator mythos:

HASSLEIN BOOKS: How long have you been a fan of the Alien/Predator franchise?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS BOIVIN: Ever since I saw the first movie of both franchises. The Dark Horse comics from the late '80s consolidated my fanaticism.

HASSLEIN: What inspired your fascination with that universe, and why?

BOIVIN: I was always fascinated with monsters, starting with dinosaurs in kindergarten, then later growing up with sci-fi movies on TV, such as Godzilla, The Thing and An American Werewolf in London. When I saw Alien in the early '80s, I was completely enthralled by the atmosphere of the film and the originality of the monster. It just sparked my imagination, with what I discovered later was H.R. Giger's style of blending biological and mechanical elements. When James Cameron's Aliens came out, I was completely hooked on the franchise. Predator I loved from the first viewing, as a great monster/action movie. When Dark Horse Comics started publishing Aliens and Predator comics, I was totally hooked. And when they did the crossover, that was a major event in my life! It seemed like such a perfect fit for two great movie monsters!

HASSLEIN: How would you sum up the project to tantalize future readers?

BOIVIN: It's all the information available about the two franchises in one book, and placed in perspective in terms of a timeline containing past, present and future events. Aside from contributing background information about the characters, events and places from the movies and spinoff materials, the book will form an easy-to-follow chronological narrative that will add a new perspective to the various stories and reveal little-known information that can only be found by thorough research and analysis. Hopefully, it will also serve to promote the movies, the various tie-ins and the numerous creators of this vast shared universe.

HASSLEIN: What most excites you about working on this book?

BOIVIN: The research is totally fun, and also the chance to gather all the little pieces of info that you don't normally notice, and see all the various sources fit into a whole cohesive universe. Also being creative, by finding fixes for various continuity problems that arise from such a vast array of materials published over the past 30 years.

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